Birthdays! 3.61

No Image birthdays of all your family and friends is a difficult job. Let Birthdays do all the work for you. With Birthdays you only need to enter your friends and family`s birthdays once and when that special day approaches, you will be notified. You can choose how many days advance notice you want for upcoming birthdays as well as missed birthdays. Virtually unlimited number of birthdays can be tracked in the Birthdays program. You can set Birthdays to

PeopleTracker 2.0: Perfect for all your scheduling, calendar, and address book needs
PeopleTracker 2.0

birthdays, or special notes on all your friends and family. You may also add a picture for each person in your database. You can list birthdays and anniversaries by month and keep a calendar of all your important events. With PeopleTracker, it’s a simple matter to print lists of information (phone numbers, birthdays, addresses and so on) or monthly event calendars. At the click of a button, you can send email or start letters. You can also display

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Birthday Keeper 7.0.3: Birthday Keeper will remind you of upcoming birthdays and anniversaries.
Birthday Keeper 7.0.3

birthdays and anniversaries. 1)Change colors of birthday names, holidays, & month name. 2)Print list of birthdays and/or anniversaries. 3)Print monthly calendar with birthdays and holidays. 4)Now you can choose your own print style. You can even print a calendar with one of your favorite family photo`s on it! 5)View/Print Annual Calendar. 6)Add your unique holidays. 7)Includes adjustable reminder of upcoming birthdays and anniversaries. Be reminded

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Birthdays 2.3

Most people have problem with reminding other peoples` birthday? This cute but powerful birthday reminder will make you never forget any birthday again. This version features: 1) Male and Female interfaces, 2) Ability to work in system tray and notify on incoming birthdays, 3) Automatically sends mail notifications to selected contacts from database,

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Balloons 1.0: Organize birthdays and events in the order they occur with Balloons software.
Balloons 1.0

Organize birthdays and events in the order they occur with Balloons, easy-to-use event reminder software. Track birthdays and other annual events and the list automatically organizes them in the order they will occur each year. Never be embarrased again because you have missed a birthday or anniversary. With Balloons, you can keep all the events at your fingertips! Just open the program to see what event is next in line.

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ABC Birthday Reminder 3.3: A highly functional, flexible and easy-to-use birthday reminder with cool design
ABC Birthday Reminder 3.3

The name of ABC Birthday Reminder speaks for itself - it`s a comprehensive tool that keeps detailed information about birthdays and other remarkable events. You can enter recurring events, gift descriptions, gift cost calculations, notifications and store this information in a searchable database. If you want to avoid embarrassing situations and having to call your friends in an apologetic tone, get yourself a copy of ABC Birthday Reminder!

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Friends and Families 1.0

Friends and Families v1.0 [ASP] Keep track of the special people in your life - especially critical info such as birthdays! This software organizes names, addresses, phone numbers, etc., for individuals or entire families. PLUS maintain a list of coming events: birthdays, holidays, or events you enter yourself! Prints different report formats, including monthly block calendars. FREEWARE!

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